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Born in Uruguay, Fernando and his Portuguese immigrant parents lived on a farm in the Montevideo countryside until the age of seven. In 1984, Fernando and his family moved to New Haven, Connecticut. It’s here where his creative foundation took root. From the time he was a small child, Fernando’s interest in the arts would not be denied, and it wasn’t long before the artist within began to emerge.


In 1998, Fernando took his love of art to the next level when he enrolled in Paier College of Art. Though his core studies concentrated on graphic design, Fernando never abandoned his dedication and devotion to painting and drawing. After graduating, Fernando worked as an Art Director, both in the agency world and in packaging and branding for major corporations. Throughout the entirety of his 20-year design career, he never stopped painting. This was his passion. This was his drive. This is his life.


As for his work, the unique marriage of both contemporary and traditional ediums can be seen in everything Fernando creates. Incorporating styles once thought lost, like synthetism and impressionism, he takes tremendous pride in lending a profound sense of nostalgia to the modern-day art world.


In addition to his visually artistic endeavors, Fernando’s untamable spirit for all forms of creative expression has manifested itself in the world of music. Having played in various rock bands, he was able to communicate his love of sound through thundering vocals and his bass guitar.


Now, with his focus trained fully on art, Fernando is currently displaying his work throughout the East Coast and beyond.

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